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Last update 01.05.2024.
Competition Contribution, Bergen City Hall Square (Rådhusplassen), 2020
Project animation:

View from the city park

City Hall left and above, the old Manufakturhuset right

Bergen City Hall is being rebuilt, both exterior and interior.

Among other things, the main entrance is moved to the opposite side of the high block. Next to the entrance lies the Town Hall Square (Rådhusplassen). Until now it has had an anonymous, passive character.

The Art Committee wanted suggestions for art work that creates space, engagement and conversation.

The committee also wanted ideas for designing the floor of the space.

The sculpture "Two pairs of arches":
I wanted a clear, dynamic contrast to the heavy, static expression of the block. The office block has the "language" of regulated bureaucracy. However, a functioning democracy consists in an interaction between regulated systems and the ever-changing dynamics of politics. The sculpture can thus be seen as an element that has so far been lacking in the expression of the architecture. It makes the place more visible as a symbol of a democratic system of governance.

In shape and size, it communicates beyond the narrow town hall square, and helps to integrate the square with the large, busy urban space around Lille Lungegårdsvann.

It expresses the public significance of the place both day and night.


New main entrance to the left




A two-part room:
The City Hall Square is a place for informal stays and work breaks. I therefore suggest the space organized as a kind of square, with informal seating around the central sculpture, with no zone divisions across

As part of the entrance situation the art must also have a clear public character. For visitors from outside, the place becomes a picture of the municipality and the municipality's ambitions.

The sculpture's attempts in size and shape to seize this two-part space and collect it in a movement directed towards the city, out to the park and the light. The balance forces are stretched as far as possible. The arcs go into a rhythmic, spatial interaction, in a constellation that seems balanced, but also precarious.

The floor
For the floor as well, I propose to set up the high-block grid system to a more dynamic expression. A rectangular grid divides the area in a pervasive manner. This is combined with a swarm of circular arcs, creating movement that flows through the grid.
As the pictures show,
the idea can be varied in many ways.

Material and more
Painted steel. Max height 9 meters
Commissioner: Bergen Municipality.
The project was not chosen for realization.